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Female Health Maintenance


Female Health Maintenance


Breast Maintenance: For females, we help to maintain your breast health by stimulating improved blood flow, body fluids, and nerve impulses to your lymph glands and breast area.

Uterus Maintenance: Designed for fertility-related and period pain issues, we help to maintain your uterus at its optimal level. This helps if you have menstrual conditions such as irregular periods, period clotting, difficult period blood flow, stomach & pelvic area cramp, pelvic inflammation due to mucus. Uterus Maintenance promotes good kidney Yang (warmth), removes energy blockages by eliminating coldness and helps blood circulation in the uterus.

Ovary Maintenance: Ovary maintenance works using slow, gentle massage to stimulate the acupressure points that encourage healthy qi flow to the area. This helps to improve your appearance and prevents ageing as your body produces estrogen essential for a radiant, youthful glow.

Postpartum Care: Highly recommended to restore your general health, restore your qi, revitalize your youth, and also reshape your body. Postpartum care helps with recovery after childbirth for new mums. This effective treatment is totally customizable, helps to improve holistic wellness and lose weight.



卵巢保养: 卵巢保养采用缓慢而温和的按摩来刺激穴位以促进健康。这有助于改善您的外观并防止衰老。


“I’ve tried different sports injury management methods from sport massages to physio. Although these methods offered short-term relief, it didn't solve the root of my injury. After 3 sessions of conditioning, I was able to see great improvement in my injury strain.

Ashley Yeo
P.E Teacher
I've been visiting Dr. Xu for my eczema. I'm so glad and happy that my face is not peeling and arms are not itching as much as before! Backache treatment is also effective as I have poor posture.

Jia Qi