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TCM Consultation


During consultation, our Physician will assess your condition in full context. This includes examining your tongue, taking your pulse and temperature, checking your discomfort, symptoms and complaints. Your treatment may last between half to one hour.

Often, you may be advised to take a course of Chinese Herbal Medicine in conjunction with your treatment sessions. Physical treatment addresses your condition externally, while Herbal Medicine works from the inside out.


这包括检查您的舌头,测量您的脉搏和体温,检查您的不适,症状和主诉。目的是识别并治疗您的状况。 根据您的病情和医生的建议,您的治疗可能持续半到一小时。


Traumatology & Bone-setting


Orthopedic Massage focuses on stimulating the meridian channels and acupressure points.  It releases tension built up and drastically improves the flow of your body’s natural healing energy.

Anti-aging – Improve blood circulation and muscle tone to help you look and feel younger.

Pain Management – Our skilled therapists’ work on pressure points to relieve tension for self-healing.

Emotional Benefits – improving your body’s natural energy flow to treat stress, depression and emotional pains left from trauma.


抗衰老 – 改善血液循环和肌肉张力,帮助你看起来更年轻。

疼痛管理 – 除了基本缓解疼痛外,我们熟练的治疗师能缓解你日常累积的压力。

心情舒畅 – 改善你身体的自然能量能帮助治疗压力,舒缓你的精神并改善您的生活。

Treatment Types


Based on your condition and symptoms, our clinic provides a range of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that uses a combination of different techniques such as Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Tui Na (massage), Cupping, Gua Sha (Scraping), Hot Compress, Conditioning, Herbal remedies and advice on your exercise and diet.

Combining treatment types may increase the effectiveness as TCM modalities work best in synergy. The duration of treatment may also be reduced.

Many herbs are now available in convenient tablet form. Your tablets should always be taken with a full cup of warm water for proper absorption and effectiveness. Avoid taking medicine with other beverages such as tea, coffee, soft drink to improve the effectiveness of your Herbal Medicine.


“I’ve tried different sports injury management methods. Although these methods offered short-term relief, it didn't solve the root of my injury. After 3 sessions of conditioning, I was able to see great improvement in my injury strain.

Ashley Yeo
P.E Teacher
I've been visiting Dr. Xu for my eczema. I'm so glad and happy that my face is not peeling and arms are not itching as much as before! Backache treatment is also effective as I have poor posture.

Jia Qi