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Postpartum Recovery

Rediscover well-being through ancient wisdom, promoting harmony and vitality in modern living

The practice of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a long history, with roots going back thousands of years. It is based on the principle that the body is an interconnected system, recognising the importance of maintaining balance for optimal health. At Aik Kong Tong TCM Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing holistic health and well-being through the combination of traditional wisdom and modern healing techniques. Our experienced practitioners are committed to providing individualised care for a wide variety of health concerns. From the art of bone setting to the precision of acupuncture, and the soothing touch of Tui Na massage, our services draw upon centuries of knowledge to promote balance and harmony within the body.

In the annals of Chinese medicine, the concept of Qi is a vital life force that guides our approach to wellness. Our treatments go beyond the physical, encompassing the mental and spiritual dimensions, creating a comprehensive approach to healing. Drawing upon the principles of Yin and Yang, we strive to restore equilibrium, allowing energy to freely flow and improving the body’s natural healing ability.

Whether you are seeking relief from pain, managing stress, or addressing a chronic condition, we provide a holistic and integrative approach to support your well-being. Embrace the wisdom of ancient medicine with our dedicated team, and begin your journey towards overall health and happiness. <br> <br>




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Benefits Of Treatments


Maintains overall balance and harmony


Stimulates your body's natural healing


Promotes the flow of Qi energy


Reduces stress and promotes relaxation

Pelvic floor muscle laxity 盆底肌肉松弛

Regain core strength with our tailored workouts. This helps reduce pelvic floor muscle laxity, improves stability, makes postpartum recovery more comfortable and confident, and provides flexibility as you adjust to motherhood.


Uterine Prolapse 子宫脱垂

Empower your recovery journey with our dedicated recovery programs. Gentle methods help restore uterine position, improve overall health, boost self-esteem, and feel rejuvenated after childbirth.


Scoliosis 脊柱侧弯

Embrace a supportive recovery journey with tailored exercises and therapies. Designed to address scoliosis, improve spinal alignment, and achieve muscle balance to make the postpartum experience more comfortable.


Pelvic Repair 骨盆修复

There are many benefits of pelvic repair, including improving postpartum urinary leakage, relieving vaginal laxity, and reducing gynecological diseases.


Emotional Release 情绪释放

Focus on your mental and emotional health with the help of specialised techniques. Promote emotional release during postpartum recovery, nurturing your mind and body for balance, renewal, and empowerment.


Fascia Activation 筋膜激活

Activating fascia has benefits for the body such as promoting blood circulation, preventing sports injuries, protecting joints, and reshaping body functions.

激活筋膜对身体有促进血液循环、预防运动损伤、 保护关节、重塑身体机能等好处。
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