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About Us


Aik Kong Tong TCM

Established since 2016, Aik Kong Tong TCM Clinic provides general consultation & TCM treatments.

We specialize in Bone Setting, Acupuncture and Tui Na, while offering a complete range of health maintenance services. We welcome all patients and friends to visit our clinic. Contact us today.




Our TCM Philosophy

1. Clear Out (通)

Open up your circulation, dredge the meridians.

2. Expel (排)

Expel body toxins, dampness, and coldness.

3. Adjust (调)

Adjust body regulatory functions to get rid of chronic pains.

4. Stimulate (活)

Stimulate your body’s potential to heal pains naturally.

5. Nourish (补)

Supplement your health while dispelling clogs.

Singapore Trusted TCM Clinic

Our Clinic Locations


Sim Lim Square

1 Rochor Canal Road, #03-20A,
Singapore 188504

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Bras Basah Complex

231 Bain Street, #02-11,
Singapore 180231

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About Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a rich history of over 5,000 years of practice in China.

It is a comprehensive medical system with unique principles, diagnostic methods and therapies. It is believed that a person’s general health and well-being depend on the Balance of Yin & Yang and the Smooth Circulation of Qi / Life Energy (气) and Blood (血). 

TCM in Singapore has a long history. Singapore TCM Physicians have been serving the healthcare needs of Singaporeans since colonial times. Singapore TCM clinic facilities were built as early as the 1800s to serve the Chinese community.

TCM in Singapore is now recognized by various ethnic communities in Singapore for its contribution to Singaporeans’ healthcare.

A TCM Physician can use various forms of TCM Therapies such as Acupuncture (针灸) ,Cupping (拔罐) ,Tui Na ( 推拿) and Chinese Herbal Medicine (中草药) to promote healing.

Many Singapore TCM Physicians use these approaches to help patients achieve Yin Yang Balance (阴阳调和) and Restoring Smooth Body Circulation. This improves internal body functions and reliefs different ill symptoms.

In the eyes of TCM Physicians, it is always very important for us to maintain good health and well-being at all times with regular treatments as “Prevention is always better than cure”.

Aik Kong Tong TCM Clinic provides therapies for both general health maintenance and curative treatment that treat the underlying causes.

We provide a range of TCM Treatment Packages that complement the needs and preferences of our patients. 






What Our Customers Say


I have heavy migraines that last 2-3 days almost every week. After going for Acupuncture treatments and my daily herbal medicine, my migraine has greatly reduced and I feel alot better now.

Wendy Lim
I was sick and feeling exhausted, and taking antibiotics didn't change things. Now I go for regular TCM Tui Na and Acupuncture to keep up my strength so I am less fatigued.

Jing feng