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Body Posture Correction

中医正骨 / 徒手整形

Body Posture Correction

中医正骨 / 徒手整形

Your body posture has a direct effect on your breathing, organ function, and muscle integrity. In TCM, correct posture is necessary for the proper flow of qi, leading to better brain and organ performance.

Poor posture such as round shoulder, hunchback, shoulder imbalance, back imbalance, neck hump and wide rib cage, is related to several TCM problems such as back pain and other forms of musculoskeletal imbalance. Improving your body posture helps to alleviate muscle pain as well as mental tension.

Each imbalance in a person’s alignment will have a different remedy. Your remedy can be enhanced with Acupuncture or a high impact Tui Na massage.





After my first child I had post-partum depression, lost a lot of weight, and was sick all of the time. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs relieved my depression, restored my appetite, and I've had a second child now without any problems.

Office P.A
For months my blood pressure was so high that I was dizzy all the time and couldn’t stand up. I was frightened because it was barely under control with medication. Within 48 hours after one of my acupuncture treatments, my pressure dropped and I was taken off medication. It remains normal and I can walk around now without feeling dizzy.

Esther Goh